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I use this to figure out playlists for running!
You know the feeling...When that pump-up song comes on right as you're thinking of quitting.Suddenly your second-wind kicks in.When the song matches perfectly to your pace. It almost feels like you're not even exercising. 

2. Full Text Archive— Books, poems, drama…

A selection of free books and such…FREE. You don't even have to download them!

3. Knoword.
"This is a game of quick thinking, smart decisions and great words. When you begin, you will be given one randomly generated dictionary definition along with the first letter of its corresponding word. You must fill in the rest of the word to experience a gain in points and an added time bonus. You will start off with one minute before the game ends, and every word is an opportunity to extend your time. If you're ever stuck on a word, just hit the skip button and a new puzzle will present itself."

4. Sembeo

Just click the squares to create music! Make pictures or write out your name!

5. Quote Stumbler

I am a HUGE fan of quotes. I live for them! Just click your way to one that speaks to you.


Playlists for every occasion. Angry? In love? Tired? Or is you just need "Songs to lie in your bed and stare at the ceiling"


New goal! Read every book on this list!
In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since. - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925)

8. OMG That Rocks!

Discovered this little ditty sophomore year of undergrad. Just a bunch of random graphics on a flash website.

9. Clockbusters

If you think you know movies, try this quiz! I can only get 39/50 with skips.

10. Incredibox

You just need to try this. 'Nuff said.