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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance.

Getting motivated.

About 5 minutes before I have to work out I ALWAYS try to convince myself I don't want to nor do I need to workout. In fact, this weekend I did not workout at all. I ate at Tom Fooleries, queso dip and all. And then it was Super Bowl Sunday. Def not gonna work out on Super Bowl Sunday. I dabbled in the chicken wings and egg rolls. So let's put it this way, the diet was "postponed".

But see there is something that I realized. My diet is a lot like life. You have some good days and you have some bad days, but it goes on. You just have to hope that there will be more good days than not. I do NOT feel guilty about not eating to the best of my healthy ability. It's not like I'm on some reality TV show where my weight loss has a time limit.  Even though those shows do motivate me (I Used to be Fat, Biggest Loser, Heavy- LOVE THEM). But I'm doing this for life. If I let myself get all broken up every time I eat a chicken wing then I will end up shattered a lot.

I did, however, hit it at the gym pretty hard yesterday. Took my little sister Lexie with me. She was like "Dang, Nina I didn't know you could run like that". That made me feel good. Did all my weights that I hadn't been able to do since the 'Blizzard of 2011'. And you know what? Despite my diet this weekend, I FELT STRONG. I could have done a few more miles on that tread mill. I bumped up all my weights by 10 lbs.

I am strong.

There are many of you will understand my struggle and many of you who won't. So let me assure you for those who don't, IT'S A STRUGGLE. But for those of you that do, maybe it's time we just embrace the pain and go through with it. I am the only one who can control my life. I make my own decisions. I am finally doing something about my weight and my confidence is higher than it has ever been.

See instead of seeing working out and being healthy as an option I've made it my responsibility. It's like a test. If I don't study for my test I won't do well. If I don't eat right and workout I won't reach my goal. I am the only one responsible for me. It is no longer an option.

 You know how easy it is to wake up and do 100 sit ups? Or right after lunch OR instead of checking facebook a bazillion times you take a study break to do something physical. The younger you are and the sooner you decide for yourself to do this right the easier it is. I remember being 18 and loosing weight so easily, I just never stuck to it and I made up all the excuses in the world. But now, at 22, I'm feeling it a little more and it's harder. But the beauty of it all?


On the track to 2 miles
Week 2:
Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat- Run 2 min Walk 1 min 10X
Tues/Thurs-Walk Easy 30 min
Sun- Rest

Current weight: 212 lbs
Workout Track: Shakira, Waka Waka (Trust me. THIS PUMPS YOU UP)


  1. I love this! Ill say: life goes on!!! So true, keep up the hard work youre amazing and I believe you can do it!!

  2. never give up...and you're right we have to take control of our lives and work towards our goal.