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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Show Must Go On...

I apologize that it has been some time since I last updated. I do have a commitment to this, but some times other things come first.

Many of you know that my family has been going through a lot, these past few weeks. My little sister (according to the doctors) was diagnosed with digestive disease. She had a hospital stay and now has a new diet with medicines and I have stepped up to help out. Which includes early mornings and late nights. Fortunately I have the routine down. We're a strong family so all will be well. AND might I add my little sister is a champ. She never complained!!

So what has dieting looked like these past weeks? WELL…not so great. I still am better than before. But I felt less constrained when eating out. I have less time to head to the gym. This is life. Regular life. Stuff comes up and you have to adjust. I still did my sit up and pushup routine for the morning and night. I still ran when I could. This warm weather is making me want to get outside and try out these hot pink running shoes. SO, I have not lost anymore weight, but I didn't gain any. Which some times surprises me.

I am back in it. The storm has  calmed down and I have my routine back. Fellow gym mates should be ready for the return of Selina!

I will be posting a few blogs today, I had been working on them I just needed time to really focus and edit :)

If you're still working on your 2 miles it's time to bump up the time.

MWFS Run 3 min Walk 1 min
TTh Walk 30 min
Sunday REST

Current weight: 211 lbs
Workout Song: Matisyahu-King Without a Crown

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